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Printmates Kiosk

The First of its Kind

The Print Mates Kiosk was designed & engineered to allow customers to print quickly and easily, no matter the source.

crop & edit
in seconds

Crop your photo, add a border and choose between matte or gloss before you checkout.

optional photo filters

Black & White

Border & Full Bleed


Border & Full Bleed


Border & Full Bleed

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Create modern print products quickly and easily. Simply choose your product & photo and we’ll ship the products right to your door.


  • 24″ touchscreen monitor
  • (2) Dye sublimation printers
  • Built-in Wireless Internet
  • Guaranteed delivery system
  • Credit Card Reader (also accepts contactless electronic payments like Google Wallet, Apple Pay, etc.)
  • POS graphics
  • Automatic Software Updates
  • 6 Different Size Print Options
  • Add Matte or Gloss Finishes
  • Add Optional Classic White Border
  • Energy Efficient Rating
  • Advanced Analytics Sales Monitoring
  • Automatic Reordering of Print Media


29in. x 23.5in. x 68in.

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Printmates kiosk