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As a Print Mates Kiosk owner, you’ll enjoy a tailored experience with one of our professional business development specialists. Their goal is to provide responsive consultation regarding your purchase decision.

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on-going support

We recognize the importance of our owner’s success which is why we offer support by phone, email and chat, 7 days a week. In the event of a technical concern, we’ll immediately help you address the issue. Need further guidance? Your dedicated Print Mates rep can assist you with any questions related to your kiosk.

What about my customers? Fortunately, they can also expect the same great quality of help too. Our customer support number is located on every kiosk in case they run into any issues during their kiosk experience.

The Local Power of Print Mates

When you purchase a Print Mates Kiosk, we jumpstart it in your local market through specific online initiatives that help get you discovered online. This strategy is paired with our national and regional marketing spend to create awareness of the Print Mates brand and your new offering, which in turn leads to more visibility for your store. See locations →

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84% of shoppers make a purchase after finding a store in an online search.

Google's Impact -
Drive New Traffic To
Your Business

Our local SEO plan begins as soon as you purchase a Print
Mates kiosk. Using a combination of local landing pages,
and content marketing, and reputation monitoring, we set
in place the ingredients that will get your business
found online. Now, when people search for
Print Photos” in your market, your business
will surface as a result.

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track your kiosk 24/7

Easily monitor your progress with the Print Mates Owner Analytics App. Simply login on your desktop or mobile device and get up-to-the-minute data and performance statistics on your Print Mates Kiosk.

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  • Re-order Media

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